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Earring Care

So, you bought a pair (or two) of Sunday Brunch handmade earrings. Maybe it's your first time buying handmade jewellery so really, you have NO clue how to care for the pieces. No stress, I've got your back!

Please store you polymer clay earrings in a cool, dry location. Your earrings are bendable however, that doesn't mean you should be trying it... no matter how tempting! In order to maintain the integrity of the handmade items please treat them delicately like you would any other jewellery item. 

You can also easily clean your earrings of makeup and debris by gently rubbing them with a cotton swab with makeup remover.

That's it...easy peezy! Please remember that Sunday Brunch is not responsible for replacing broken earrings once they're in your hands. I've provided you with care tips, so please follow the above closely!

Any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.